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Feeling overwhelmed by the online world? You’re not alone.

As a digital marketing coach, I help entrepreneurs like you cut through the technobabble and achieve success online. Through personalised online coaching and clear, actionable strategies, I empower you to master digital marketing and achieve recurring revenue and financial freedom.

Imagine having a clear marketing plan, increased website traffic and leads, and more time to focus on what matters most in your business.

Ready to make it a reality?

Paul Culshaw, Website Optimisation Consultant


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Paul Culshaw - SEO Consultant

Hi, I'm Paul Culshaw

I make marketing simple with online coaching and done-for-you services

With a quarter-century of digital marketing experience, consider me your digital marketing coach and mentor, ready to demystify marketing and refine your online strategy.

Together, we’ll chart a course through the complexities of Google rankings, content creation and social media algorithms. My aim? To empower your organic growth and sales that your intentions merit.

As your coach and guide, I’ll also help you sidestep the technical tangles that can hamper your progress. Whether it’s sharpening your website’s SEO or crafting Facebook content that strikes a chord, you’re in capable hands.

Ready to transform marketing confusion into actionable clarity and tangible growth?


How we can work together to grow your business

Bespoke Services from Your Strategic Marketing Partner

Done-For-You Marketing

Whether you have no knowledge of website SEO or simply don’t have the time, I’ll handle the essential tasks for you to give your website a digital boost.

Private Marketing Coaching for Targeted Results


Join my 1:1 programme, Nurtured Growth, for dedicated marketing support and SEO guidance, or get your website optimised with my SEO Power Up Accelerator.

All Encompassing Marketing Mastery Academy

Popular With Entrepreneurs

Join my group academy, Optimisation Superstars, a step-by-step marketing mastery journey in a supportive community. Boost your clarity and business growth.

Paul Culshaw - SEO Coach

Leverage 25+ years of marketing mastery with expert coaching

I’m a confusion-busting digital marketing empowerment coach who has worked with PLC companies, agencies, entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized businesses.

I can help you gain control and form an optimised, holistic strategy, from Facebook to Google SEO, from messaging to AI tools, right through to scripts to sell in your DMs and tracking the marketing metrics that matter.

I’m based in Worsley, Manchester, UK, and work both locally and with businesses around the world.

Brands I’ve Helped With Marketing, Content and SEO

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