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Paul Culshaw, Website Optimisation Consultant

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Paul Culshaw - SEO Consultant

Hello, I'm Paul,

I can guide you in optimising your business online to make more sales!

I help busy business owners, like you, understand the principles of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to grow your business organically across Google search and social media.

With my help, you can press on with confidence and avoid being blocked by tech troubles, gain help setting up your website’s SEO, writing engaging social media posts, showing up in Google, and gaining clarity on complicated technobabble.


How I Can Help

SEO Services


Whether you have no knowledge of website SEO or simply don’t have the time, I’ll handle the essential tasks for you to give your website a digital boost.

SEO Business Coaching


Join my signature 1:1 program, Nurtured Growth, for dedicated support to boost your business online or get your website SEO set up effectively with SEO Power Up.

Online Academy

Group Support

Join my online marketing academy and support group for entrepreneurs and marketing newbies. Get the knowledge and guidance you need to succeed!

Paul Culshaw - SEO Coach

25+ years of SEO & digital marketing experience to help your business scale

I’m a confusion-busting SEO marketing coach who has worked with PLC companies as well as entrepreneurs, small and medium sized businesses. 

I don’t purely do website SEO. I help you to optimise your social media profiles and content plans, identify your ideal clients and business purpose and track the marketing KPIs that matter.

I’m based in Worsley, Manchester, UK but work with businesses around the world.

Cover page of my guide - SEO Essentials To Grow Your Online Business


show up in google

Need organic traffic but stuck on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

My FREE guide gives you the essentials needed to show up in Google when people search for what you offer...

So you can start to gain control and focus on implementing what has the most impact on where you show up in Google.

Go from confusion to clarity.

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