The Art of Conversion: Offers and Colours That Optimise Revenue

Optimise your online button colours for conversion.
In the digital marketing world, the subtle art of colour psychology can significantly impact the success of your tripwire and one-time offer pages.

But what exactly are these offers, and how can you utilise colours to maximise conversions?

Let's dive in to explore the answers to these questions.

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What is a Tripwire Offer?

A tripwire offer is a low-cost, high-value product designed to transform prospects into paying customers.

It’s the enticing bait that leads to a bigger catch, strategically placed after someone shows initial interest, such as requesting your lead magnet or purchasing a course.

Do you have a lead magnet? An eBook, or perhaps a PDF guide? If so, think about how you could offer a low ticket mini-course, checklist or must-have tips as a tripwire offer that’s part of your lead magnet request process. 

And a One-Time Offer Page?

This is where the magic happens!

After the initial online purchase or sign-up, customers can be presented with a one-time offer – an irresistible, no-brainer deal available only at that moment.

It’s a powerful strategy to increase the value of each customer and drive incremental, passive income sales.

The Psychology of Colours in Conversion

There isn’t a universal “best converting colour” for buttons. However, certain colours tend to enhance the appeal of your tripwire and one-time offer pages:

  • Orange (#FFA500): Evokes urgency and excitement, ideal for limited-time offers.
  • Green (#2ECC71): Symbolises growth and trust, reassuring customers during the checkout process.
  • Red (#FF0000): Creates a sense of urgency but should be used judiciously to avoid overwhelming visitors.

When selecting a colour for your checkout button, consider your brand identity, audience preferences, and overall design aesthetic.

Here’s how:

  • Brand Consistency: Ensure the button colour aligns with your brand’s palette.

  • Contrast for Readability: Aim for high contrast between the button colour and text to ensure the button is easy to read.

  • A/B Testing: A little more advanced however, the most effective method to find what works best for your audience and offer is to test! Be curious and test variants, measure success and optimise based on the data found in your results.

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