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I believe that in an online world that easily confuses, a step-by-step approach and group community are key to ensuring you rise to the higher levels you need to grow, and realise the life you really want to have.

Become a Marketing Optimisation Superstar

Welcome to my online group coaching programme designed to empower you to start to rise in the online world by optimising your marketing. Discover the power of mastering Google SEO, Facebook marketing, and copywriting, enabling you to pave your way to modern-day online business success.

I keep things simple and straightforward, so you won’t have to deal with confusing funnels or technical jargon.

The programme offers weekly group coaching strategy calls with me, access to a comprehensive library of step-by-step online marketing video trainings, and additional support within our dedicated Facebook community of like-minded entrepreneurs and business owners.

How Does it Work?

Join the programme by clicking the “Join Now” button located at the bottom of this page.

  • Register your details and make your first monthly payment online.
  • Log in to this site to access a host of video trainings that you can learn from at your own pace.
  • Join the private Facebook group specifically for programme members. You can post your questions in the group as you learn.
  • Receive expert guidance through weekly group coaching strategy sessions, every Thursday.

How Long Is The Programme?

The programme is 3-months with a monthly extension option if you’d like to stay enrolled for longer. 

Enrol now and gain instant access to a weekly marketing strategy call, step-by-step video trainings, templates, workbooks, and a supportive Facebook group community to support you in optimise your marketing and your business journey.

With an active subscription, you’ll have unlimited access to both existing and future trainings. Stay updated and never miss out!

What The Group Covers

Your Ideal Clients & Why!

Learn to define your target audience and brand mission to create effective marketing strategies in this module.

Understanding Google

Learn what Google’s algorithm wants, so you can create a strategy that maximises SEO and boosts your online visibility.

Writing Your Web Pages

Learn how to write your web pages so they resonate with your ideal client and are optimised to give you more conversions.

Content and Copywriting

Learn how to get more traffic to your website and Facebook profile by optimising your social media posts and web pages towards your keywords.

Facebook Optimisation

Gain the steps to leverage Facebook’s algorithm effectively, and start to unlock the potential of Messenger Chats to drive more sales calls.

Facebook Posting Plan

I’ll give you an optimised Facebook posting and examples of the post types you need to start to attract your ideal client and more  engagement. 

AI Marketing Prompts

Quickly progress marketing optimisation tasks using ChatGPT to help you get ahead with your business growth. 

Elevate Your Knowledge

Optimise your business marketing know-how by understanding the channels available to you to grow your audience and business online.

Coach Paul Culshaw

Hi, I'm Paul Culshaw,

I’m a marketing optimisation expert who specialises in Google SEO and social media. With over 25 years experience, I know online can be stressful, constantly changing and confusing!

That’s why it’s my mission to empower online beginners and entrepreneurs, like you with simple, easy steps and clarity to master the essential marketing tasks and strategies you need to get found more online so you can  grow your audience and business.

Why Optimisation Superstars?

Gain clarity, step-by-step with supportive group coaching to get You optimised for success

Training Vault

Access a vast array of step-by-step Facebook and Google SEO video trainings through the online portal.

group coaching

Join the weekly, one-hour group strategy sessions with me, live on Zoom, for coaching and guidance.

Support GROUP

Ask questions, learn more, and gain access to session replays in the programme's private Facebook group.


What people are saying

Work With Paul

Paul Culshaw, Website Optimisation Consultant

I have over 25 years of work experience in making websites better for search engines like Google, using Google Ads to promote businesses, and optimising social media profiles. 

I have helped different types of companies, from solopreneurs to large PLC companies. These companies are from various industries such as finance, fashion e-commerce, hotels, pharmaceuticals, coaching, wellness, and therapy.

I’ve worked a lot in marketing agencies, so I know a lot about it. That means I can offer you proven expert help and a high level of service.

I’m a kind and truthful person. I’m here to help you and care about what’s best for you. You can see what others have said about me in the feedback above!

BIG Brands I’ve grown with the same strategies found in the academy

Optimisation Superstars
with Paul Culshaw

Marketing optimisation group coaching, video training vault and support community.


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