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Set Up SEO and Elevate Your Website in 14 Days

As an entrepreneur, you know how to work with people, not tech and SEO!

Your priority is supporting the growth and development of your clients. Not feeling overwhelmed and frustrated when you Google “set up SEO for website”. 

One of your biggest worries might be how to set up SEO for your website properly, so your clients can find you more easily online. How do you get more traffic to your site? What keywords does your website need to feature and how often?

Creating an online business, to support your practice, doesn’t have to be confusing.

Setting up the basics properly, with SEO best practice for Google and your visitors, will give you a solid foundation for long term success.

Join the SEO Power Up Accelerator Program and I’ll guide you online, one to one, across 2-weeks, towards setting up all of the SEO fundamentals for your website.

Paul Culshaw, Website Optimisation Consultant

What Is SEO Power Up?

  • It’s my online, 2-week, 1 to 1 coaching program that helps you set up SEO for your website.
  • Live weekly training call and Messenger support.
  • Includes a Lite done-for-you site audit.

Who Is This Program For?

  • Designed for coaches, therapists & entrepreneurs who need help setting up SEO for their website.
  • For businesses who want a better understanding of how SEO can work for them.

How Does It Work?

  • We’ll have a weekly coaching call – just the two of us, where I’ll support you step-by-step.
  • Between sessions message me Monday to Friday for support. I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.
  • You’ll get all my knowledge in bite size pieces, so you can set up your SEO and become more empowered to take it forward.

When Can I Start?

  • Join the program at any time, it’s always open.
  • Weekly training sessions will be agreed between us.
  • I’ll share a calendar invite with you so your sessions are booked, ready to go. 
  • Book a Game Plan call with me to learn more, or sign up below! 

"Paul, thank you so so so much for today, I pushed past some big blocks..."

Imagine having the same level of help setting up your website SEO as these business owners!

What We'll Work On Together

Week One

Day 1: I’ll complete a Lite website audit for your website.

It will enable us to pinpoint your key optimisation opportunities.

Day 2: Our first session.

I’ll take you through the findings from the audit and provide a tailored project plan. I’ll give your actionable steps you can take immediately.

Days 3 to 7: Take action and implement the plan.

I’ll be available for you over email and Facebook Messenger to offer you support to answer any questions that arise.

Week Two

Days 8-13: Continue to implement.

We’ll continue to make changes to your website and start to use tools to track your website performance and SEO metrics.

Day 14: Our second coaching session.  

We’ll review the changes made and do some site tests to ensure your site is in good shape and being picked up by Google. 

We’ll also discuss any additional improvements that can be made.

Day 15: Final report

I’ll send you a final report summarising the improvements and providing next steps.

Let's Set Up Your Website SEO

Paul Culshaw - SEO Coach
  • I have 25+ years of experience in digital marketing and SEO.
  • I’ve helped businesses earn millions of additional revenue from their websites through the power of SEO.
  • I’ve worked with large PLC companies across  the UK on complex technical SEO issues.
  • I have SEO agency experience, which means I provide high levels of expertise and service.
  • I’m patient, genuine and honest. Here to support and serve  you with your best interests at heart.

SEO Power Up Accelerator Program
with Paul Culshaw


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